Understanding 14K Gold’s Durability

For our Piercings Collection, 14K solid gold is ideal since it is secure enough to withstand wear and tear while safe for newly implanted piercings. Surgical stainless steel earrings are often used for fresh piercings, but we wanted to design a cute piercing-safe earring that was still composed of high-quality materials. We’ve all had the experience of receiving a new piercing and wanting to replace the studs with something more fashionable but cannot do so due to the healing process. You can now choose from items in our Piercings Collection for something lovely and piercing-friendly. So, How long does 14k jewelry last? Let’s find out below.

Unlike many other materials and metals, solid gold does not readily oxidize and is incredibly robust. As a result, solid gold is a rare and challenging material to find and extract. In addition, since 14k solid gold contains ten parts alloying metal and 14 parts gold, it is suitable for new piercings. As a result, it is both sturdy enough to maintain its shape in your pierced ear and constructed of a material that is pure enough to tarnish- and sensitive-friendly.

Each pair of 14k solid gold earrings will be stamped with the number ‘585’, the industry standard for identifying 14k solid gold. On the other hand, 18K Gold Filled earrings will bear a particular stamp. Then, 14k solid gold can last a lifetime with proper care. One of the most robust materials available for exceptional jewelry is gold. Solid gold can survive most environmental conditions, even if you lead a busy lifestyle, yet maintain the familiar warmth and color.

Although 14-karat gold included 14 parts gold (or 58.5%) and ten parts alloying metal, it was not pure gold (24 karats). Therefore, we decided to use 14k solid gold since it is a high purity, making it strong and gentle on the skin, yet with enough alloy to keep it firm and soft.

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